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Mountain bike discs brakes are distinguished among a number of factors - type of riding (XC, Freeride, Trials, DH, etc), and what kind of fluid used.  At, we distinguish brakesets on our website by your type of riding.

Our Downhill/Freeride brake selection provides the maximum stopping power, and are usually heavier than cross-country mtb brakes.  If you a downhill racer, you want the most stopping power and largest available rotor, and you may even want to upgrade to vented rotors, which are basically like two rotors sandwiched together with a space in the middle to better dissapate heat (see the Hope V4 brakes and select the vented rotor option).  Make sure you use the correct brake fluid per instruction manual.  Most use DOT 4 or 5 fluid, but some may use mineral oil. 

As always we are here to answer any questions.  Feel free to contact us as needed.    


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